Paul Ryan: The Facts

By: Caitlin Nicholas


In the past couple of weeks, since Mitt Romney’s vice presidential announcement, the mainstream media has been doing its best to distract voters from the real issues. While leftist media – such as the Huffington Post – have been focusing on Paul Ryan’s fitness, lack of a tailor, or love of “Rage Against the Machine,” conservatives have been hard at work informing voters on the facts. While his reasoning for staying healthy comes from personal loss and tragedy – and has helped shape his character – he’s not running  on his BMI or his musical preferences. He’s running on his record as a strong conservative leader. In his district, he got people who had voted for Obama, Clinton and Gore to also vote for him, and 1 in 5 Obama supporters split their ticket and also voted for Ryan. He’s got a 63% reelection average in his district.  Why? Because his policies make sense!

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Congressman Paul Ryan in Raleigh, NC

When the media’s not using the distraction of his P90X workouts, they’re creating fear and chaos using their favorite weapon – lies. They’re scaring seniors into believing they’ll lose all of their Medicare benefits and end up bagging groceries at 80. I will tell you – I feel hopeful. But hope comes from truth, not lies. Therefore, I’ll make the truth known and give you the facts. Though the media’s decision to focus on Ryan’s fitness may seem like pure stupidity, it’s all purposeful. They need to distract from the facts, or they and their liberal president will lose. This tactic isn’t working now, and it won’t work later on in the election either. The left can’t fight the numbers.

For the first 4 days after Romney’s vice presidential announcement, Gallup detected no change in Romney’s poll numbers. But lately, we’ve seen a surge in approval ratings, especially in Ryan’s numbers among seniors. Romney is now ahead in several states. Around this time during the last election, Obama/Biden’s approval ratings hadn’t even bumped in the polls at all, after their vice presidential announcement. Today Rasmussen Reports is showing Romney leading at 46%, Obama at 44%. Gallup reported that 56% of people in major swing states say they are not better off than they were 4 years ago.

For the first time in 4 years, I and others, feel a sense of hope – even giddiness – for the future of America. Though Romney or Ryan may not be some peoples’ first picks (*cough* Ron Paul supporters *cough*), they’re a step closer to regaining our freedom and untangling the mess Barack Obama has made. Obama said he’d cut the deficit in half and create jobs, BUT his policies haven’t worked in the past and don’t work now. His plans for more regulation don’t work either. So, even if Romney or Ryan aren’t perfect in your opinion, we need to rally behind them, and do everything we can to help them defeat Obama. Talk with friends about the issues, make sure they know the truth. Donate 10 or 20 bucks or get online and buy a t-shirt or a bumper sticker to show your support. Or, if you’ve got some extra time, sign up to do campaign calls from home and help them out that way. I’m happy to say, even though some conservatives and Romney/Ryan are not completely in agreement on all the issues, they are showing their support – fierce support. The biggest issue is DEFEATING Obama in November! Unlike conservatives, Barack Obama and his supporters are resorting to personal attacks. This is from the Fiscal Times: “That is (personal attacks) are perfectly acceptable – except when the Democrats lie about it, or, at best, ignorantly, get the story wrong. Jim Messina sent an email out attacking Paul Ryan, saying his plan ‘would end Medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher system, shifting thousands of dollars in healthcare costs to seniors.’”

thumbnail 3 150x150 Paul Ryan: The FactsThis is all the media is doing, getting the story WRONG. Personal attacks are taking priority over the truth. Because of the slow polling increases, many liberals think the personal attacks are working. They are not. Far from it. Like I mentioned before, Romney and Ryan are increasing in the polls in several states among several different groups – mainly seniors. What’s more despicable? Lying and scaring the heck out of seniors. said, “Democrats are still hammering an old, since replaced, GOP proposal, claiming it would end Medicare, and cost seniors $6,000 more a year for their health care.” This is false. Really false. Medicare is America’s single biggest fiscal problem. Actually, it’s the Obama administration that’s such a  threat to seniors. The Obama Administration plans to suck $700 Billion from Medicare over 10 years to fund his Obamacare. Mr. Obama plans to impose 30% cuts to doctor reimbursement rates by next years. This would detract doctors from accepting Medicare patients, leaving seniors hanging.

Ryan’s budget would not affect current seniors, nothing would change. The budgets proposed by Paul Ryan would offer a “premium support” alternative where seniors would be granted a certain amount of money to use of Medicare – a block grant. If they’d like, they could continue with the traditional Medicare or use the money for an alternative program. Beginning in 2023, 65 year olds would have their choice of insurance plans – private and traditional – on a new Medicare exchange programs. A premium support payment, like a subsidy, would be sent to the plan of their choice. I will say it again, none of Paul Ryan’s plans will impact today’s retirees. All of these changes proposed by Paul Ryan are to save Medicare and protect Americans from losing benefits they depend on and have come to rely on. When Ryan spoke in Tampa, he said his own mother, Betty, has been on Medicare for 10 years. She relies on it. Why would he be trying to destroy a program that his own mother depends on for her own healthcare? He isn’t trying to “end Medicare as we know it,”  he’s trying to save Medicare for those who need it most. This support cannot be stripped out from underneath our elderly. Obama’s plan would ruin any chance of saving Medicare. In Paul Ryan’s own words, if we don’t straighten out the deficit and take on some serious reform, “we’re simply gonna wind up just like Europe with all the entitlements and disrepair.”

 Romney and Paul Ryan are not gonna allow us to end up like Europe. They’re going to restore this country to its American glory!

Don’t give up hope!!!  Fight on!!!

“Annuit Coeptis!”

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