Glenn Beck Announces “We Are All Catholics Now” Movement Supporting Religious Freedom

By: Caitlin Nicholas

February 15th, 2012


Glenn Beck announced a political movement this morning on the radio, only days after  Obama’s controversial contraceptive mandate, which has caused an uproar among Christians. You can read my other article, “Stolen Liberties“, to learn more information about this mandate.  Glenn is asking Americans to reach out to their Senators, asking them to support the Highway Transportation Bill. In this bill is the Rights of Conscience Act produced by Sen. Roy Blunt  (R-MO). This is a bill that would counteract the conception mandate and protect religious groups’ rights of conscience.   So your main duty as an American, is to ask your Senators to support the Highway Transportation Bill, which will likely be voted on by next week. Here’s what you do:

united we stand Glenn Beck Announces We Are All Catholics Now Movement Supporting Religious Freedom

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“Call the Capitol and speak with your Senator. The numbers are: 202.224.3121; 202.225.3121; the toll free numbers for the Capitol Switchboard include: 1-866-220-0044 1-877-851-6437, 1-800-833-6354, 1-888-355-3588, 1-866-808-0065, 1-877-762-8762, 1-800-862-5530.

Call the switchboard, ask to be connected to a Senator from your specific state (it will take two calls, one for each Senator).

Whoever answers:

1. Tell them that you want to tell the Senator to vote for the Blunt conscience protection amendment.
2. Ask them if they know how the Senator will vote on that amendment
3. Tell them you want to be contacted back about how he voted (be sure to ask for accountability — they hate it, but it makes them call you back).
4. When you call, be sure to tell them “We are all Catholics now”. This key phrase will let them know you are part of a larger, organized movement working in support of religious freedom.”

Glenn is calling on AMERICANS, not just Christians to stand with the Catholics and act because in the end, every group will be attacked. Glenn stated it the best when he said, “If Jews are attacked, then I am a Jew, if Evangelicals are attacked, then I am an Evangelical, if ATHEISTS are attacked, I am an atheist.  If we all stand as one, those who wish to destroy us cannot win. We must stand for everyone’s freedom of religion and freedom of speech, because if we don’t “hang together, we shall  surely hang separately.” – Benjamin Franklin, Signing of US Constitution.



“Annuit Coeptis” ~ Amen


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  1. Bert Shields says:

    I like you Caitlin Nicholas, and I like Glenn Beck too. :) I stand with Israel and now with Catholics too. I try to teach others why Israel and self-determination are important. I try to help others understand that who cares what you feel about birth control, the point is you have a right to say yes or NO to it. I feel everyone should tell all of their friends that President Obama does not adhere to the Original Arguments. In about 5 to 7 years anyone who wants to hold onto their conscience will not like this USA they are living in anymore. Unless…UNLESS…we all stand up for our unalienable rights which are from God and God alone. Providence is our only ally now.

  2. Caitlin Nicholas says:

    Thank you very much Bert for the compliments and more importantly thank you for standing with Catholics and for religious freedom. I completely agree with you, that no matter your stance on birth control, you still have to stand for those who disagree because it’s their RIGHT to believe that. Thank you for reaching out to others and teaching them the truth, keep up the great work Bert.

    Laos Deo

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