Religion Isn’t Even Safe From the Obama Administration

Barack Obama Presidential Wallpaper 730x700 300x287 Religion Isnt Even Safe From the Obama AdministrationBy: Stacy Coleman

Feburary 10, 2012

The Obama administration is now openly attacking the very core of the idea of freedoms. Mr. Obama is out from his usual cover of darkness and imposing his will on the Catholic Church. The sanctity of our Churches is our last safe haven in America, a protected vestige of our Constitutional rights. Let us remind you, Mr. President, of our guaranteed first amendment rights.

The first amendment taken form

“Amendment I:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

What this has done is cause everyone to gather under one united Christian umbrella, and together we fight for what is right. First, let us look at what Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan said on this very point.

This according to CBS News 2 New York:

“NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There was a sharp rebuke Wednesday from Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan that put even more pressure on the president to calm a widening election year uproar. The issue at hand was the president’s insistence that Catholic institutions provide free birth control to their employees.

Dolan came to the South Bronx to bless a library, but he had no blessings — just harsh words — for President Barack Obama, who wants Catholic institutions to pay for birth control, the morning after pill and other services for people who work for them.

“The federal government should do what it’s traditionally done since July 4, 1776, namely back out of intruding into the internal life of a church,” Dolan told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.”

This action has also raised the following response from a Southern Baptist leader from Tennessee. All of this spurred on in the wake of the “Obamacare” health care bill.

This accroding to

“NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, February 8, 2012, ( — One of the most influential evangelical leaders in the United States says Christians should go to jail rather than comply with the Obama administration’s mandate to provide all contraception, including abortion-inducing drugs, in their health care plans.

Dr. Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), told “we will not comply” with the Dept. of Health and Human Services’ mandate requiring religious institutions to cover abortifacient products such as Plan B, Ella, and the IUD.

“We want the law changed, or else we’re going to write our letters from the Nashville jail, just like Dr. King wrote his from the Birmingham jail,” Dr. Land said.”

This has caused different theologies to stand together, in unison, to combat an unconstitutional action from the White House. This leads me to ask the question why now, in an election year? We must do what we always do watch what the other hand is doing. I can think of two possibilities.

The first of those would be to promote violence in the streets so he could enact an order to protect, in order to put off an election that he knows he would lose. The second of the possibilities would be that by doing this, Mr. Obama is allowing the battle rage on, yet presumably, right before the election someone other than Obama will end up taking the blame. This could thereby allow Mr. Obama to remove it, all to make him appear to be the hero, which would assist him in stealing the election. His administration has the executive order that enables them to arrest American citizens for any reason they deem fit. We, as Americans, must be always on the watch for wolves are at the door. May God Bless America!!!

“Annuit Coeptis” ~ Amen


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  1. rochelle douglass says:

    I am not a Cristian Or Catholic. I really don’t fall into any category. It is not my place to pass judgment or force my views onto anyone. I do feel it is my place to say that the Government attacking the roots and characters of the church is a violation of everything our country is founded on. I am pro-choice and respect and even appreciate others beliefs. I feel that the church has the right to refuse this service if it violates the core value of their beliefs. One of the many beautiful things about this country is the right to choose and if you choose to stay employed in a facility that does not share your same views, you can leave. To ask a church to compromise for such a major topic is not right. There are a multitude of other avenues that people may take. Celibacy is a good example.. I do believe that there are exceptions to many rules and I know there are churches out there that provide such services as birth control and even aid young girls in cases of rape that don’t wish to go to term, but that is an in church decision. The government forcing it’s agendas for political popularity is yet another strike against the freedoms of This once great nation.

  2. scrapadapolis says:

    I know this about Obama,Watch what the other hand is doing while he’s got America embroiled on the subject at hand..(no pun entended)..

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